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Breast Enlargement without Surgery:  What are the Options

Breast Enlargement without Surgery: What are the Options

The cheapest breast augmentation surgery with saline treatment would cost over $2000 in Miami, the least expensive among the cities in the US. It is definitely not a cheap affair and the prices can go all the way up to a whopping $5000 and above. This is the cost of a basic surgery. But breast enlargement for women with smaller breasts is a concern for not only their health but also the confidence that it helps to gain. There are new technological advancements in the field of breast augmentation. Thankfully, there are ways to achieve breast enlargement without surgery, according to TopBreastEnhancementCreams.org. But first, it is important to know what might be the reason for women having smaller breasts.

Why Some Women Have Small Breast Size

A lot of people think that it is sufficient to have a voluptuous figure and fat at the right places. But often even heavier women fall short of adequate breast size. This is mainly due to the lack of certain hormonal imbalances. In most cases, the lack of estrogen, a hormone might causes women to have smaller breasts. Also, women who are underweight tend to have smaller breasts. During a girl’s adolescence girls start developing breasts. But in a lot of cases, they take time to happen as the hormonal changes may not cause sufficient rise of the estrogen hormones. There are ways to own larger breasts but it not necessary to have them or be sufficient. Women generally wish for firm and well shaped breasts.

Surgical Methods for Breast Enhancement

It is important to get the facts straight at first. Breast implant surgery which mainly requires the addition of silicon or saline bags in the breast chambers is not necessarily done to enhance aesthetics. A lot of women get it done as a preventive measure to avoid developing breast cancer just as Holly wood actress Angelina Jolie did while some do it as a prosthetic measure for being infected with breast cancer. However, a breast augmentation surgery can be less invasive. Some surgeries even have the risk of losing sensation in the nipples, breast deformation or even infection. Also liposuction and addition of fat by removing it from other parts of the body such as buttocks is also quite common. But are these the only ways of gaining better breasts?

Non- Evasive Breast Enhancement

Did you know that there are today specialized laser procedures that breast enlargement without surgery. But they also pose health risks such as infections and permanent scars if done poorly. They are definitely not cheap either. There are new surgical methods where expansion of the breasts is done through cup suction. However it may not be low on pain. But   if you want breast enlargement that is completely natural and healthy, diets such as high protein foods, sea foods, vegetables and chicken can help. There are exercises and yoga that help to achieve breast enlargement without surgery. Often breast-feeding mothers gain larger breasts but that is not a permanent solution. Natural supplements and creams concocted of herbal and natural extracts might be the most convenient solution. They also do not require prescriptions as the ingredients have a lower chances of causing side-effects.

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