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How to Sustain Performance for Men with Erections?

How to Sustain Performance for Men with Erections?

According to, a lot of women face a lot of problems with men who have early ejaculation problems. However, naturally, women are unable to realize the fact that men are more affected mentally and physically then the seeming temporary distress to the man. Also it should be noted that it is also not a woman’s fault that she is unable to make her man last long. But there are definitely ways to sustain men with erections and give them a longer go. Here are some of the ways and tips that help avoid a premature ejaculation too.’s Men with Erections Guide

  • When your man is about to ejaculate and you realize, stop him and squeeze the tip until his feeling has passed. Note that stopping suddenly might completely cause the man to turn off or lose his erection. Therefore it is best to massage his thighs and slowly take it out as an act of foreplay between sexual intercourse.
  • Instead of using lubes, it is best to use desensitizing creams that help to make a the urge last longer and yet not lead to an early ejaculation as well as a short lived erection.
  • Exercising with your man on bed and helping him to exercise otherwise through cardio vascular exercises will help his heart pumping more blood therefore his penis penis getting enough blood flow to sustain a great erection.
  • Create a sexually exciting environment for him. Find out what turns him on and arouses him. Even if it is a little role play of his feline related fantasies. Try it. (You don’t want a real feline involved, am sure). Get creative. Sometimes an orgy with a circle of friends might help him gain confidence and sustain longer erections.

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