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Secrets from the fridge to make my penis bigger

Secrets from the fridge to make my penis bigger

Did you know that some things in the house itself might be just the right aphrodisiac? It’s indeed quite amusing that romance can blossom from the kitchen to the bedroom. Before getting to the magical love ingredients, let’s understand what the mechanism behind a healthy erection is. Firstly, there is the main fuel of desire and arousal, testosterone. Then comes a healthy immune system that free radicals, making the arteries clear and free of inflammation. Thirdly, the blood vessels play a major role as regulators and as blood needs a free flowing path and fourthly the production of nitric oxide. Well, knowing this helps in diet matters too. Foods that boost testosterone and nitric oxide production, as well revitalize the immune system and blood vessels are definitely a must. So what are the foods that one must stock the fridge with? If you want to go in depth on make my penis bigger strategies, check out the holistic sexual health website Menz Enlargement.

Most effective fruits, veggies and foods to make my penis bigger

  • Ginger: Eliminates radicals from blood vessels, relaxes arteries and improves blood flow.
  • Oysters: Increases libido as its richest dietary source of zinc, which not only increases blood flow but enhances testosterone production.
  • Grass-fed butter: K2 rich butter from cows fed with grass is good for the heart that further betters erections.
  • Watermelon: High in citrulline it stimulates nitric-oxide production and increases blood flow to the penis.
  • Dark chocolate: It’s laden with flavonoids dilate your arteries improved blood-vessel dilation by more than 10 percent.
  • Cherries: Cleanse free radicals from arteries, relaxing them and improving blood flow.
  • Garlic: Boosts blood flow to the penis by increasing nitric-oxide production and relaxing blood vessels.
  • Walnuts: They contain the amino acid L-arginine that is the building block of nitric-acid
  • Nutmeg: It contains myristic acid, which stimulates production of the all-important nitric oxide, the key to a healthy erection.
  • Olive Oil: Increases testosterone production.
  • Salmon: Rich in Omega fatty acids which are good for nitric oxide.
  • Pistachios: High in arginine, it improves erectile function by producing sexual satisfaction, orgasmic function and arousal.

These are some great foods that are must have for those with erectile disorders and penis retardation issues. Even for those who want to add that oomph factor in the bedroom, there foods provide the much-needed boost without resorting to chemical pills or dangerous sex toys.

Herbal wonders to make my penis bigger

From exercises and diets to herbal supplements and massages with organic creams and gels, there are many safe ways for youth and men who wonder how to make my penis bigger. Menz Enlargement advises the importance of refraining from chemical based supplements and going for all natural, all organic products. One can read on the various products available on the website and even place orders online. Some of the best herbal enhancers include like Erectzan, Maxis 10, Hardazan Plus, Triverex, VigRXPlus, Male Extra, Maxirex and more. Remember you needn’t search far and wide – most solutions are in your fridge and others online a few mere clicks away.

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